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You are here: HomeFestivalsCompost Awareness Week Poster Contest 2018

Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest 2018

Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest 2018 The US Composting Council is inviting people from all over the world to their call for entries for the annual International Compost Awareness Week Poster Contest.

Compost is produced from the recycling of organic materials to create a valuable soil amendment.

When incorporated into the soil, it provides plants with essential nutrients, protects against the threat of erosion, and increases soil health without the use of chemicals.

It also reduces water pollution.

This year's participants are encouraged to submit a design that reflects the theme "Compost! Building a Better Future".

The poster must include the words "International Compost Awareness Week May 6 – 12, 2018" and images of the poster should be based on compost use or address the benefits of recycling organic residuals. Images should demonstrate that compost is not limited to a specific use, but has many uses, especially in relation to healthy soil, which provides many benefits.

All entries will be reviewed in three different divisions:

• Grades 3 to 7 • Grades 8 to 12 • College students and adults

Art work is to be submitted in electronic format with a resolution of 300 dpi and in jpg format

(poster winner will be requested to resubmit poster at a higher resolution for reproduction purposes). Poster should measure no larger than

12" wide X 17" high and be vertical (portrait) in orientation.

Entries are limited to one submission per artist.

There is no entry fee.


Open worldwide to anyone who would like to help celebrate composting and promote the benefits of composting and compost use.

Deadline: November 6, 2017 Prize

The Poster Contest Winner will have his/her poster reproduced and distributed nation-wide, featured on the US Composting Council website, and included on all print material and in any press releases in association with their Annual ICAW Celebration.

Moreover, the winner will receive a 500 USD prize.

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