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Cartoon World (Important News)

18th International Biennial Graphic Humor , Cuba 2013

18th International Biennial Graphic Humor , Cuba 2013

Deadline:February 15, 2013

Theme: "Truths or Interests?"

Participation in the festival is open to all cartoonists in the world that can compete with any subject, in the following categories:

. General Humor

. Political Satire

. Humorous Cartoon

. Personal Caricature

. Picture humorous

Original works will be accepted or processed digitally (printed and signed by the author) in whatever technique with a maximum size of 30 x 40 cm.

works sent by email to the following address:

Each author may submit one work by each of the categories

On the back of the original, must specify the following information about the author:

Full name (also stage name)





Home Address



The same data will accompany the works sent by e-mail.

Conveniently packaged Works will be accepted until February 15, 2013 at:

Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (UPEC)
XVIII Bienal Internacional de Humorismo Gráfico
Calle 23 no.452, Vedado, Cuba. CP 10 400
Teléfonos: 832- 37 22 / 832- 45 59 ext.116
De los jurados

From March 31 to April 3, exhibitions and workshops will be held in San Antonio de los Baños and Havana...
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