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You are here: HomeNewsOne Of The Bests Cartoon In The World"Bulgaria"/January,2016 Ivailo Tsvetkov/Bulgaria

One Of The Bests Cartoon In The World"Bulgaria"/January,2016 Ivailo Tsvetkov/Bulgaria

One Of The Bests Cartoon In The World"Bulgaria"/January,2016 Ivailo Tsvetkov/Bulgaria

1 - What was the main reason for doing the cartoon? 1-1.I have always thought that the cartoonist is born.This is a specific setting of mind, it creates a new unusual vision of world.Like every magic it is hard to explain the exact reason of the force which is making you drawingcartoons.In my case everything started in 1972 when I was 8 years old, I saw one cartoon in one newspaper and I cut it, soon I started to collect them till now when I creating my own. 2 - Have you ever made anyone angry with your cartoon? 2-2.Yes, of course!That was from politicians as you can guess-several cases

3 - According to you what is the funniest cartoon? 3-3.The BEST cartoon is always the next I hope!

4 - Is cartoon your income source? 4-4.Yes, I make my living "by" and "with" the cartoon.I guess I am lucky man, because I earn my money with the think I like !!!Of course my work is very much, but I am not complaining, just opposite. 5 - Do you agree for your child to be a cartoonist? 5-5.In principle, yes!However my daughter Gergana is interested in modeling and fashion, so there is no such threatened.

6 - How do you find your cartoons subject? subjects for the cartoon are coming naturally, I am not seeking them.You know in what world we live, every day when I turn on the computer, the TV or just read the newspaper immediately there are springing up a lotof things, each of them requesting to be drawn.At this situation the ball is in your half of the field. 7 -Would you like to meet which cartoonist?7-7.I will be happy and pleased to meet every cartoonist on the planet!These are new aquaintances, emotions, communications and most important friendships.I am still under the emotions from my last trip in December to Strasbourg, France.I was invited by the organization of "Cartooning for Peace", 28 cartoonists from all Europe created an exhibition on a topic "Human rights" in connection with "Sakharov" peace prize giving ceremony.fantastic emotion to be feeled- a little cartoon Olympic games!!!A prize for your old work and motivation for your work in future!

8 - Which is your favorite cartoon site?

9 - In your opinion, what are the best cartoonists in Iran? 9-9.Top cartoonists in Iran are so many that I will not risk listing any in order not to miss someone!Always with pleasure I am looking at most of the Iranian works at the contests-brilliant and smart cartoons.Iran has always had traditions in cartoon and more common in art.

10 - The last time you laughed for what? 10-10.As a professional "disabled" person my real laugh and joy comes to me rarely, this laugh in tears when you can hardly take a breath.The last time I laughed so hard was the last summer in Turkey.In the storytook part Iranian artist Mortheza Rahtaala but this story can, t be just tell it should be feeled and saw.Otherwise a things which can make you smile can be seen every day.

11 - What is your entertainment? 11-11.In my free time I make snow men when there is snow outside.

12 - Does your neighbor know you are a cartoonist? 12-12.Yes, my neighbours knows for my job his is the destiny of each cartoonist.When your name is published in daily newspapers and there are interviews about you on the TV realities there is no way not to be recognised easily.people areinterested in this type of work, they stops me on the streets and are expressing different opinions of the cartoons or giving me some ideas.

13 - What was the best prize that you got? 13-13.from International contests I have over 80 awards-starting from Grand prize to award the public and I appreciate all of them.Of course these from more prestigious contests like my Second prize in Tabriz make me feel proud!

14 - Who is your best cartoonist friend?14-14.As with the prizes I haven, t make a rating, all of the collegues are friends to me.Naturally I have some friendships i am proud of.

15 - What is your opinion about cartoon similarities?15-15.50:50!On the one hand when someone copy someone, s cartoon it is a theft and a crime and it should be punished !!On the other hand there are so many cartoonists and contests in present time and everyone are thinking of one theme that it is normal to be drawn something that is done before.In such cases nobody is guilty!Except the obvious thefts, everything else is debatable- if it is stolen or not ?!Difficult decision !! 16 - Apart from cartoon what other art do you do? 16-16.I am frying potatoes -something I have turned into "art"!

17 - What do you wish you did not meet? 17-17.The tree, which I reach with my car 20 years ago!It would be great if I had not!

18 - Who is your emotional supporter? 18-18.Family.Friends.However the art person is mostly alone in his emotions during his work, This is also a fantastic magic-you and sheet of paper, one toward other. 19 - What's your idea about Tabriz cartoon? 19-19.Nice young collective consisted of talented and intelligent girls (beautiful) and boys with authoritative leader -Rahim Asgari, who are working enormous work on the field of cartoon!1 One of the main CARTOON CENTRE in the World! 20 - Do you have speech wanna tell us and do not ever say? 20-20.To continue like this !!I love you all !!

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