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You are here: HomeResultswinners of 2018 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection/ China 2018

winners of 2018 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection/ China 2018

Gold award
Life Force Lulin (China)

Silver award
"Newly Edited Eighty-seven Immortals" Zhang Jianhua (China)
No title Semerenko Vladimir (Russia)

Bronze award
Protecting the Earth with Action Xiao Bing (China)
"Three Modern Myths" Nie Dunge (China)

50 awards (in no particular order)
Social Group Excellence Award

"weter" Naji benaji (Morocco)
"fishing" RAED KHALIL (Syria)
"without trees" Miro Stefanovic (Serbia)
Youth action tree Peter Kuper (United States)
Watering Andrea Pecchia (Italy)
Relaxing Ricardo Ferreira (Portugal)
"Garbage Classification and Raise Hands" (Animation) Zhang Xinchao (China)
"Drops of water" Dariush mehrdelan (Iran)
The environment Jalal Pirmarzabad (Iran)
No title Mohammad Ali Khalaji (Iran)
The environment Majid Amini (Iran)
Woven Esmaeil Babaei (Iran)
"Plastic" Ali Ghanaat (Iran)
No title AMIR KHALEGHI (Iran)
No title Fakhredin dostmohamad (Iran)
Investment in the environment Camilo Triana (Colombia)
"obor penghijauan" Darsono (Indonesia)
"Hamburg" PARTONO (Indonesia)
Cloud Orhan (Turkey)
ECO art lesson old M Alexei Talimonov (UK)
"A CHANGE OG IMAGE" Pavel Constantin (Romania)
No title Santos (Brazil)
"Urban Three Buildings" Yang Fan (China)
"They guard us" Qin Yu (China) "Starting from a young age" Gai Guibao (China)
"Green Travel" Li Jingshan (China)
"Seeing the Future" Zhang Ka (China)
Drought Wu Dehua (China)
"Poetry and Distance" Liu Qiang (China)
"Adding New 愁" Zhu Jin (China)
"The Ocean of the Sun - Plastics" Zhu Shaowei (China)
"What is the new sea?" Zou Qiang (China)
"Fishing Boat Sings Late" Li Buyi (China)
"Rejection" Hu Wei (China)
"The Last "Oasis"" Li Jichuan (China)
"青山绿水舞蹁跹" Xia Ruizhong (China)
"Marine Pollution" Cui Huaiyang (China)
Bu Bu! Zou Lei (China)
"Water Margin" Hou Xiaoqiang (China)
"The Last Supper" Hao Yanpeng (China)
"Smog Travel" Wang Chentong (China)
"Wrong." series Li Runquan (China)
"Devouring" Liu Ke (China)
"Crazed crazy" Sun Shenying (China)
"Stop Marine Trash Can" Lu Jianfei (China)
"Two Worlds" Su Lianjiao (China)
"Like green low carbon! Xie Guibin (China)

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