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You are here: HomeResultsResultsResults of 28th Aydin Dogan Cartoon Contest / 2011

Cartoon World (Important News)

Results of 28th Aydin Dogan Cartoon Contest / 2011

{jcomments on} Results of 28th Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest /2011

 First prize:Ross Thomson

Second prize :İlya Katz-...

Third Prize:Werner Rollow-Germany


Nadia Aghabeigi (Iran), the Sava Babic (Serbia), Razvan Skin Bradean (Romania), Jerzy Gluszek (Poland), Jozef Gruspier (Slovakia), Moacir Knorr Gutterres (Brazil), Kudin Victor (Ukraine), Pol Leurs (Luxemburg), Angel Mora Ramiro Zapata (Colombia), List Nikola (Croatia), Oton Anton Reisinger (Croatia) and Reiner Schwalme'yi (Germany)

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